How far in advance do you take orders?

Booking well ahead of time is always recommended, if you have a date set for your event or occasion it is best to book as soon as possible. Limited orders are taken per weekend, therefore bookings are first come first serve basis.

What type of ingredients do you use?

I believe you can only achieve the best tasting products using only the finest quality ingredients. All of my baking is made from scratch, and I do not use any artificial flavorings. Vanilla bean flecks, real strawberries whipped into buttercream….tastes amazing, and also looks amazing! You will never receive a cake that has been frozen, everything is made fresh upon order.

What type of payment do you accept?

Method of payments are; Cash or Interac e-transfer sent to;
All cakes/cupcakes must be paid in full 4 days prior to event.

Why do you have a minimum purchase?

There are many reasons why custom cakes come with custom prices that only bakers would know! (Or husbands who watch us bake, decorate, pull all nighters, clean for 5 hours & become our dishwashers). From purchasing quality ingredients with weekly trips to all different stores for all kinds of materials. Everything is homemade and ‘homedone’ let me explain… unlike supermarkets where they have industrial dishwashers, numerous employees, ovens and an endless amount of space for supplies! Us home bakers resort to stocking up weekly, doing our own dishes, washing the floors on our hands and knees, utility bills are doubled, and the time of baking and decorating let’s not forget! With each cake taking anywhere from 10-20 hours + it is near impossible to charge $50 for a custom cake.

Can I give you a pre-made cake to decorate?

Unfortunately I cannot accommodate this service. With this I cannot guarantee the taste, stability, structure, the ingredients used etc. Before decorating, each cake needs to be smooth and perfected, as some other bakers may not have the cake prepared as so, which creates more time and unknown labor.
What do you make figurines out of, are they edible?

Figurines, 3D objects, flowers, etc can be made out of many materials. Some fondant or modeling chocolate if they don’t require a lot of structure. Others that do need structure, gumpaste is used. It resembles fondant but instead hardens into a firm state. Is it edible? Yes, Do I recommend it is consumed? Not always. Some figurines will contain toothpicks or wires to hold pieces together, which the customer will be notified ahead of time. Handmade details are an amazing wow factor to any cake! Plastic figurines are also an option and much more cost effective, as handmade items take many hours to create.

Why do you suggest cupcake wrappers?

My handmade cupcake wrappers are a great way to tie in to all themes! When a cupcake is baked, depending on the flavor, the liner may change color. It is a matter of preference and used more so for a decorative look.

Do you offer peanut/nut free or any other specialty cakes?

Sugar Cakes uses flour, butter, sugar, eggs, & nuts in recipes. I do not offer gluten free, dairy free, nut/peanut free, eggless or sugar free options at this time.

Do I have to have fondant? I heard it doesn’t taste good!

Well mine does!! With hours of stickiness and icing sugar clouds in the air, I take the extra time to make homemade marshmallow fondant, which I have never heard of anyone not liking the taste. If is the texture you are not fond of then a buttercream covered cake would be best for you.

Do you offer delivery?

Small order occasion cakes and cupcakes are pick up only. For large event cakes or cupcakes delivery is available starting at $25+ depending on distance and the labor/set up involved.

Are there any tips when picking up my order?

Your cakes/cupcakes will be placed in a box upon pick up. Please carry from the bottom of the box, not the sides, as this may crush the cake and the weight of the cake could cause the bottom of the box to break. Please make sure you have a FLAT surface for the cake to sit on, do not place on seat! If you have a long distance to travel, a rubber mat is best to be placed underneath & air conditioning. You will be informed if your cake or cupcakes need to be refrigerated. If so, please keep them in the original box and take them out 1-2 hours before serving or displaying at your event. Left overs should be wrapped and refrigerated up to 2-3 days or frozen.