Placing Orders

All orders must be placed through email or over the phone. There are limited orders taken per weekend, please book as soon as you have a date set. It is never too early to book (up to one year in advance). Once your order is booked, changes to your design/servings cannot be altered (if so, within reason). As I book orders accordingly based on the time that goes into each cake.


Orders over $150 .00 require a 20% deposit down to secure your date. This is a non-refundable deposit. Once the design and budget is set, an invoice will be sent with all order details, payment due date and information. Final payments are due 4 days prior to event date. Method of payments are; Cash or Interac e-transfer sent to;


I work closely with my customers to design a cake that suits their theme, event, & budget. I provide a sketch once I have all details, I will also provide you with an opinion of what I think would look best. As an artist, I am always appreciative when given some creative freedom when decorating/designing as this is when I can work my magic!
I reserve the right to make any last minute changes to the cake as felt necessary to achieve the best possible finished product, while keeping to the original design.
Cakes and decorations are edible, but there are wooden dowels, wires ,and other non-edible materials used at times for structure. Please remove before consuming.

Dietary & Allergy

Sugar Cakes uses flour, butter, sugar, eggs, & nuts in recipes. I do not offer gluten free, dairy free, nut/peanut free, eggless or sugar free options at this time.
School specials are the only occasions for peanut & nut free baking.

Picking up your order

Your order will only be ready upon agreed pick up time & date. As I bake as late as possible to achieve the ultimate freshness, decorating time is very valuable and time consuming.
Stand Rental

If you have chosen a cake stand for your special event, after use please wipe down all food remnants-do not wash. All stands must be returned within 2-3 business days to Sugar Cakes after event.


Your cakes/cupcakes will be placed in a box upon pick up. Please carry from the bottom of the box, not the sides, as this may crush the cake and the weight of the cake could cause the bottom of the box to break. Please make sure you have a FLAT surface for the cake to sit on, do not place on seat! If you have a long distance to travel, a rubber mat is best to be placed underneath & air conditioning. You will be informed if your cake or cupcakes need to be refrigerated. If so, please keep them in the original box and take them out 1-2 hours before serving or displaying at your event. Left overs should be wrapped and refrigerated up to 2-3 days or frozen.