The ‘B’ word

When it comes to wedding planning, there is what seems to be an endless price for everything in the wedding industry. This is where the budget comes in! Yes you can always save in certain areas, but I believe your wedding cake should be something perfected and done by a professional. The more details you can provide; colors, themes, décor ideas, servings, I will be able to provide you with an estimate based on the information you have provided. If there is a set budget in mind, I will give you options as to what design will fit within your desired budget.
How many servings will I need? ‘Nobody eats the cake’

This depends on how the cake is being served. These are the questions I will ask you;
• Are you having dessert with dinner or will your cake be dessert?
• Are you keeping your top tier for sentimental purposes?
• Are you having a day after party?
• Does your venue offer a cake cutting service?
• Where will your cake be placed in the room?

All of these factors come into play with having the right amount of cake! If your cake is dessert, you will need the full amount of servings. If you are keeping the top tier, roughly 10 servings will have to be omitted. Day after party? Extra cake is perfect for the next day! The cake cutting service, this is VERY important and I highly suggest it. A wedding cake must be cut in a certain way to achieve the desired serving amount. Cake placement in the room is key! And YES people eat cake. Do not hide your cake in the corner or a detached room, discuss with your decorator ways to achieve an appealing cake table. Always consult with the venue and suggest where you would like the cake table to be, let your guests see the eye candy!!!

Sugar Cakes Servings Chart


Do you offer wedding cupcakes?

Yes!! Cupcakes of all kinds, all flavors, all designs! I have a wide selection of flavors including gourmet flavors. Cupcakes have become a huge trend in the wedding world, they are a sweet little treat to scoop up and dance around with. Made to match small or large cakes in various ways, with matching liners, cupcake wrappers, fondant toppers, flowers, the possibilities are endless! There is a minimum purchase of 5 dozen for a wedding order.

Do I need a cake topper?

This is an option completely up to you. There are various ways to create a beautiful cake without a topper, whether it is a bunch of flowers cascading down, or nothing on top at all! Sometimes an oversized flower placed in the middle of the cake is all it needs. If you do have a topper, as some can be a very sentimental attribute to the cake, please send me a picture, and the size of it so I can incorporate it into the design.


Cake Testing Sugar Cakes Thunder Bay

Can we get samples for taste testing?

I offer taste testing to all of my booked brides and grooms! As a small business owner, I only bake upon order and I do not have various ready-made flavors each day. This is a service I offer only to booked couples. Taste testing is held twice starting in each New Year. It is a very enjoyable experience where we get to discuss all details and best of all try the sweets! Feel free to bring color swatches, or pictures of ideas if you have. If you are an out of town couple, and my tasting dates do not coordinate with your schedule, samples will be provided at a time that suits you best.