‘OH’ how sweet this little guy is!! I was extremely excited to create this cake after watching the movie HOME. (which some movies I will watch over and over again obsessively, heaven forbid I miss one detail). I will admit, I was a little intimidated to create this cake-so I did a ton of research watching tutorials, and looking at numerous photos, and then I was ready to work my magic!

I started off with 6 cakes; 2-6″, 2-7″ and 2-8″ on a 4″ base. Once I started carving I realized I needed to add one more 8″ cake to achieve the proper height for Oh’s head. I added a 6″ support board in between the 3rd and 4th layer, with support dowels underneath. I then inserted a dowel through the entire cake. Once it was cool and firm I started carving away, and then covered the entire cake in 2-3 layers of ganache. Ganache is an amazing medium to cover any 3D cake in, as it hardens quickly in between coats and it creates a much more sturdy surface under fondant for structured cakes.




Once this guy was ready to go I couldn’t wait to start decorating! I colored the fondant with Regal purple by Americolor, which was a perfect purple for the boov!
I first applied a strip of fondant around the base, and then covered his head leaving a bare spot in the middle for the vest to go. Once he was completely covered in fondant, with all the detailing and airbrushing he quickly came to life!- well to be honest 9 hours later he came to life.. yeah this profession is a tad bit time consuming.
Don’tcha love him!!! ‘Can I come into the out now?’